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Where dreams are built.

We are powered by the vision of building a better, more comfortable world and driven by the belief that everyone deserves a befitting space to call home.

We constantly push boundaries in building modern & exquisitely comfortable homes.

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We are a limited liability company, That's the only place limit feature in our story.

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Fostering a design-centric approach to building living spaces.

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Executive Officer

At NEDCOMOAKS, of utmost importance to us, beyond the value we create with our core business, is the role we play in empowering people, especially the young, to thrive

Covering everything from entrepreneurial programmers to social initiatives, our brand extensions are at the forefront of driving progress in our society. They are not just what we do, they define who we are.

A Platform for


We are the parent company of some of Nigeria’s fastest growing housing and property Franchises.

Individually, these franchises are behind some of the most exciting property projects in Nigeria, and together, they demonstrate our transformational impact on the real estate sector.

Guided by

Strong Values

NEDCOMOAKS is wired to do good.

We will never compromise on Excellence, Integrity and the highest ethical standards, whether in delivering homes of unmatched value, generating the returns our investors expect, or constantly raising the bar in customer experiences.



Founded in 2007, NEDCOMOAKS has, over the past decade, become the leading authority in modern living in Nigeria, building bespoke state of the art homes for thousands of Nigerians of every tribe, faith and income bracket

We do not just let our work speak for us. Our clients’ experiences does most of the talking. That is why we have some of the fastest selling housing estates in the Lekki metropolis and the reason our properties typically have a resale value of twice its initial going rate.


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Our People

We build with the highest quality materials, leverage leading technologies in our day-to-day operations and are constantly in tune with global trends and standards; but the pivot of everything that we do is our people.

Vastly experienced, incredibly talented and wholly committed to Nedcomoaks’ values and vision, our board, management and members of staff hold nothing back in expertise, excellence and dedication to delivering the utmost in value for our clients.

The Executive Committee

Dr Kennedy Okonkwo
Ichechi Okonkwo
Miriam Ndanusa
Head, Business Development & Marketing
Pan Shenguin
GM Construction
Douglas Akhabue
Head, Project Operations
Yinka Adebayo
Project Coordinator

Our Values

At NEDCOMOAKS, there is no compromise on Excellence, whether in delivering homes of unmatched value, generating the returns our investors expect, or constantly raising the bar in customer experiences.

We will do anything but compromise on our Integrity, not only to meet high ethical standards but also to serve as a role model.




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26B, UBA Rd,
off Chevron Drive,
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